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Title: The policy of the Heath Government towards the United States
Author: Diamond, Neil
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Awarding Body: University of Leeds
Current Institution: University of Leeds
Date of Award: 2007
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This thesis is a study ofthe policy which the Heath Government of 1970-74 pursued towards the United States. The established interpretation of the Govern...'Tlent's policy is that, unlike all other post-war governments, it chose to give clear priority to Britain's relationship with the EEC over that with America, with Heath himself being primarily responsible for this re-orientation in British foreign policy. The thesis seeks to re-assess the Government's policy by conducting a detailed examination of the range ofissues which affected Anglo-American relations (except in intelligence gathering). It has been based primarily upon the government's records but also draws on interviews and correspondence with some of those involved, together with a range of other material. The thesis demonstrates that Edward Heath did not dictate the policy which his Government pursued and that this was based upon close consultation between ministers and officials who attached·great importance to Britain's relationship with / the us. It reveals that, while entry to the EEC had a very important effect on L.'J.e Anglo-A.'Tlerican relationship, a number of other major factors, particularly defence policy, were also very important in determining the Government's relationship with America. British interests in a number of areas, therefore, required the Government to work with the us to influence its policies. The thesis examines in detail the policies which the Government pursued and demonstrates that many ofthe assumptions made about its approach to, for example, the 'Year ofEurope' and the October War during 1973, are profoundly mistaken. Like its predecessors, the Heath Government sought to achieve a balance in its relationships with America and the Community, consciously seeking to get the best ofboth worlds, rather than opting decisively to give priority to the Community over America.
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