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Title: Planning for reform of university education in Egypt, with special reference to its role in national development, students' admission and policy of expansion
Author: Soliman, M. S. H.
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Awarding Body: Institute of Education, University of London
Current Institution: University College London (University of London)
Date of Award: 1980
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University education in Egypt faces certain problems related to its role in national development, students' admission and policy of expansion such as the shortage of human and material resources, large numbers of students enrolled in the universities, lack of university autonomy, shortage of financial resources etc. This thesis proposes tentative solutions to meet the above problems. To achieve this aim, an investigation is conducted through an examination of those areas chosen in general as well as in national context in order to suggest a plan for reforming such areas within university education in Egypt. The role of Egyptian Universities has been examined with regard to its cultural, economic, social, educational and research functions. The admission policy has been critically examined with regard to manpower requirements, the provision of human and material resources, university autonomy. The open door policy of admission adopted in Egypt and its consequences have been criticised. The critical appraisal of admission procedures has dealt with the system of exemption, system of external students,the present choice'card, the General Secondary Certificate Examination as the sole criterion for admission. Students' guidance and admission of students of Science division to humanities faculties. The policy of university expansion has been examined by investigating reasons for expansion. Attention has been focused on the regional expansion of universities which started in the late nineteen sixties and during the nineteen seventies. Critical appraisal of the policy of expansion has been debated in the light of the requirements of manpower, the provision of financial resources, the provision of university facilities. Reasons of the over-expansion of university education are discussed. The unplanned expansion of universities has resulted in certain consequences e.g. the surplus of graduates to the requirements, lowering of standard of education given to students, production of mass university system and inequality of the provision of university facilities. Finally, the thesis proposes a plan for reforming university education in Egypt; the universities need to be supported and equipped to enable them to respond to the needs of society though playing their assigned roles e.g. economic, social and educational development, research, development of culture. The admission policy has to be adjusted to manpower requirements to avoid the surplus of graduates, universities autonomy should be safeguarded in setting up admission policy, The open door policy hats to be reviewed, restrictions can be replaced on admission to medical and technical faculties. Admission procedures can be reformed by the development of at external system, abolition of the system of exemption, providing guidance for students,anc changing the choice' card. The policy of university expansion has to be planned by differential application of the three main approaches, social demand, manpower demand, cost-benefit.
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Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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Keywords: Education & training