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Title: Colombaio: Collective Action and Social Change in a Central Italian Community.
Author: Wade, R.
ISNI:       0000 0001 3549 8417
Awarding Body: University of Sussex
Current Institution: University of Sussex
Date of Award: 1971
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This is a study of t he rec ent history of Colombaio , a rur 1 com:nunity i n t h~ we.-tern hilla of Contral I taly . It traces the connuctions bet n t he chanGes in t he na tional economy and t he national institutional order over t h past four de c<~des , and t he changes in the local c:conomic and "ocial syste , s . ~rh e specif i c f ocus i s on t wo f or ms of collective organi zation: th houHehold, and the voluntary fo rrral associa t ion. The thesi s begins with a description of the com lunity' s links wi th the wi der society in t he decad be foro th .)ocond '~/o Id War , and the or ani zatlon of l and and work in t h_ same period. These conditions form the determining factors in a s i mple static equilibrium model of pre- war socl patterns: infor::llll r el ations beyond t he f amily, patronal!e andm_di a tion, and voluntary associations . The patterns are shown as t he outcome of choioes influenced by shared cons trai nts and obj eotives . After t he war , and after the l and re fo~ in the early 1950s, the und.erlying conditions of econumio and external organization ohanged, ant social forms consequ, ntly modified. Th changes in f arm hOUG hol d si ze a.nd composition are explained with a formal deductive model gener al enough to be applioable in any community based on settled agriculture. 'he changes in extrafamilial relations and class relations ar handl d l ess fo al l y, tlough still in ter a of a small number of 'objective ' det rminants . With voluntary assooia tions (such as cooperatives, political parties, and festival societies), the simple comparative statics model i s elabora t ed t o i nclude aspects of cognitive and value syste .s , particul ly the p r c ptiona and mor ality of stratif i cation. In this waYt the analys i s of voluntary associations shows how a complex of causes rela.ting to econo ic organiZation, the distribution of power botl within t he community and bet eon t he community and t he national l evel, and cognitive and value SYBt rna , obstruct and encourage colleotive forms of orgonization,via t . eir i mpact on th par ameters of choice.
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Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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