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Title: Samuel Taylor Coleridge and John Stuart Mill.
Author: Turk, C. C. R.
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Awarding Body: University of Sussex
Current Institution: University of Sussex
Date of Award: 1970
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Both Coleridge and Mill are diverse minds, who assimilated and in turn influenced vast tracts of thought. To offer to study these two men together is to invite the sort of disaster which overcame so many of Coleridge's over-large projects. Because of the need to keep the subject within limits. I have had to sacrifice three types of material. Firstly, there was no space to analyse the contributions of other thinkers who influenced Mill and Coleridge, or both. Discussions of Burke, Carlyle, Macaulay, Bentham, James Mill, Comte, and Tocqueville fell by the wayside early on. Secondly, a comparison of the philosophies of Mill and Coleridge suggested many tempting lanes of thought which would have led deep into the traditional battlefields of philosophy. This thesis, however. is about Coleridge's influence. I have therefore restricted the account of their philosophy to what exposition was necessary to form a background to this study. Thirdly, many points, denied space in the text, could have flourished unchecked in the notes. I have, however, adopted the principle that where a comment was relevant it should be made in the text, and the notes have been kept exclusively for references. records alphabetically works actually cited. I have not made a separate list of primary sources, or of the works of Mill or Coleridge, because there are already adequate bibliographies available. The second part has two purposes. Firstly, it records what I have consulted in the course of the work. Secondly, it offers a list of references for anyone else pursuing a similar topic.
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