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Title: Solvation of Some Substituted Anilinium Salt Cations as Studied by Viscosity and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Techniques.
Author: Robertson, C. T.
ISNI:       0000 0001 3526 360X
Awarding Body: King's College London (University of London)
Current Institution: King's College London (University of London)
Date of Award: 1978
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The theory ot cryetal. ~wth trom _OJ.u1::l.on has been rev:l.eved trom the staD4ard work ot !Iur1;on, Cabrera &Ad FraDlc (1.951) to the more rece .. t ot CU.l.mer aD4 ahe. (1974).. It has been ooncJ.uded that the ac_t important parameters are the a~ace entropy tao tor ~ aD4 the voJ.u.e to ~ace .0J.ute exch&nce tactor b. The structural aD4 el .. t:l.c propert:l.e. ot .iDele crystal. Yttr:!.um .u.Ulll:l.JLium a.m.t (Y.AG) are rav:l.ewed aD4 iU ~wth trom a PbO, PbJ'. &lid B,. 0, tluz in pL.t~ oruc:J.ble. It haa been .hown that cryetal.a up to 30 &III can be CrowD by oareful. attent:l.on to temperature control, the u.. ot the acc.laratad crac:l.bJ.e rotation techn:!.que aDd the pr~v:I..iOD ot a CooJ.ed DUcJ.eation eite on the orucibJ.e b •••• '!he crystal. pun~ ot the crystal._ haa been _..ured ua:l.njf x-::,ay fl.uora_cence UId optiCal. emi •• ion spectroecopy. Iaapurit:l.e. ot Pt aD4 Pb about 1000 ppm haTe been toUlld to torm a eolid 80J.llt:l.on V:I. ttl the hoet _ter:Lal.. From studie. ot crystal. morpholocy it va. tcnmd that the .hape. or 'rtcinaJ. teature. could be expla1ned 1I.1q a BartID&D UId Pardok PEe lIIOdel. 'lbe or:l.CiD ot: T1o:LnaJ. teature. haa been tcnmd in di.locations inter.ect:l.njf the cry.tal. .urtace.. 'nle.e di.locat1ona have been ob.erved to have a hollo .. core conai.tant rith FraDlc. (1951) hypothe.1s tor di.location. rith laree !greer. vector •• A theoretical. anal.ys1. 01' the likely dislocation t&m:l.l1e. revealed that the mo.t likely !greera vectors are 'I. <111' ,COOl> aDd ~110'. 1he preterred dislocat1oD line directioDe have been calculated us1ng lUapper. (1976 ... ) theory. It haa been tcnmd that due to the elastically isotropic nature ot YAG a raqe 01' '·-10· in disloc.tion line or:l.eDtat:l.o ... b likely. 1'he per1'ect1on ot TAG has bee .. etudied -:!.DC ",_ray dittract:l.on topocraPhy, D1alocatioDe, detects caused by crovth :Lnduced an1.otropy and nux inclua10De ha.... aJ.l bee .. 1dent1t1ed. Ob.erTed di.J.ocat1on deDe1ti •• at 10-100 l:1.Des per squ&re centimeter have be.n tound to.have a pradom:I.n&Dtly .dee nature, the1r ob.erved character has b.en toUlld to be in COed acree.ent theory. the det.cta cau.ed by ~vth induced an1.otropy have be.n analysed by IDUl.t1ple x-ray d1ttract:l.on. obeerv.d etra:l.ns bave bee .. ~d/d • 5 z 10-'. naz inclus10De have been foUlld to pr.dom1:oate 111 the {112} erowth .ector., the:l.r structure baa been anal.y.ed by e .. ercy d1.pers1ve ",-ray &D&1ysi.. IT1denc4 at yttrium .eerecat1on ritbin the.e inclu.1ona haa been tOUDQ. The 1.tt1c. par .. eter tor TAG haa been d.terained by powder z-~ diftract10n UId .ultipla x-ray d1ftract1on to be 12,0069 (~O.0005)A •• The hab1 t of Y..LG tro .. this tlux .yste .. haa be.n t ... und to be (110: . YAG has ba.n found to ITOW by 2-d nuclaat10D a •• 1sted by the pr •• ence ot dislocat1o .. s a amall screw compone .. 1:.
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Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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