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Title: Changing the way that doctors learn to care for people who are dying
Author: MacLeod, Roderick D.
ISNI:       0000 0001 3615 8270
Awarding Body: University of Glamorgan
Current Institution: University of South Wales
Date of Award: 2001
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This collection of work represents an interest in education in palliative care over the last ten years. These papers are written either by myself or in collaboration with colleagues in Britain and New Zealand. During those years the way in which palliative care is taught and learned has changed and continues to change. The overview of the work submitted here describes the rationale behind the development of new approaches to the teaching and learning of care at the end of life. In many ways this collection represents a personal journey - one that involves investigation, growth, research and evaluation. By publishing these papers and promoting discussion in this area of education I have made an original contribution to the changing way in which doctors are taught and learn to care for people who are dying and into our understanding of the nature of learning to care for those people. The papers are listed here in chronological order. Throughout the text of the overview they are referenced along with other relevant papers but appear in the reference list in bold. I declare that I am the author of the papers contained in thesis unless otherwise stated. All references documented have been consulted in the writing of these papers. References appear in the texts in the form required for each individual journal. The papers have all been published in peer reviewed journals. MacLeod, R.D., Nash, A.: 1991 : Teaching palliative care in General Practice - a survey of education needs and preferences. Journal of Palliative Care 7: 4, 9-12. (reference 6) (RDM 70% - AN 30%) MacLeod, R.D., Nash, A.: 1992 : "Taking the lid off1 -observations of the process of palliative care education for General Practitioners. Postgraduate Education for General Practice 3, 28-3 (reference 9) (RDM 60% - AN 40%) James, C., and MacLeod, R.D.: 1993 : The problematic nature of education in palliative care. Journal of Palliative Care 9:4, 5-10 (reference 10) (RDM60%-CRJ-40%) MacLeod, R.D.: 1993 : Education in palliative medicine : a review. Journal of Cancer Education 8: 4, 309-312 (reference 11) MacLeod, R.D., Nash, A.: 1994 : Multidisciplinary palliative care education. Journal of Interprofessional Care 8:3.283-288 (reference 12) (RDM 70% - AN 30%) MacLeod, R.D., Nash, A. and Charny, M.: 1994 : Evaluating education in palliative medicine. European Journal of Cancer Care 3: 163-168 (reference 14) (RDM 60% - AN 30% - MC 10%) MacLeod, R.D.: 1997 : Teaching holism in palliative care and hospice. American Journal of Hospice & Palliative Care 14:1, 12-16 (reference 36) MacLeod, R.D., James, C.R.: 1997 : Improving the effectiveness of palliative care education. Palliative Medicine 11:5, 375-380 (reference 38) (RDM 60% - CRJ 40%) MacLeod, R.D., Robertson, G.: 1999: Teaching about living and dying. Education for Health 12:2,185-192 (reference 65) (RDM 80% - GR 20%) MacLeod, R.D.: 2000 : Learning to care: a medical perspective. Palliative Medicine 14:3, 209-216 (reference 66) MacLeod, R.D.: 2001 : On reflection: how doctors learn to care for people who are dying. Social Science & Medicine 52,1719-1727 (reference 67).
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Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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Keywords: Palliative treatment ; Terminal care ; Physicians