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Title: Cohesion and structure in the Pastoral Epistles
Author: Neste, Ray Van
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Awarding Body: University of Aberdeen
Current Institution: University of Aberdeen
Date of Award: 2002
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This thesis seeks to further the scholarly discussion of the coherence of the Pastoral Epistles by providing the most thorough analysis to date of the cohesion of each letter. The need for such a study arises from two sources. First, the previous works on coherence of the Pastorals, which have turned the tide of scholarship, focused on thematic coherence of the corpus. While this has been extremely helpful, there is still a need to examine each letter individually and to examine thoroughly the use of language to bind together each discourse unit and the various ways in which the discourse units connect to each other. Second, a renewed and even more extreme argument for incoherence has recently been published (James D. Miller, The Pastoral Letters as Composite Documents) which begs response along the lines just suggested since it analyzes connections and lack thereof within and between the discourse units. In the thesis two chapters are devoted to each letter. In the first chapter on each letter, the letter is examined to determine the boundaries of each discourse unit using cohesion shift analysis (drawing from the work of G. H. Guthrie). Then the cohesion of each unit is analyzed noting common devices from the ancient epistolary genre, rhetorical devices, lexical and semantic repetition and symmetrical patterns. The second chapter on each letter focuses on connections between the units in the letter- connections between contiguous units, semantic chains (drawing from the work of J. T. Reed), and the grouping of units into larger sections. Thus the variety of connections across and throughout the letter are highlighted. A structure is argued for each letter which reflects, as much as possible, these connections and the development of thought in the letter. The thesis concludes that there is a high degree of cohesion in each of the Pastoral Epistles at both the micro and macro levels.
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