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Title: The importance of being ... an artist : interpreting the challenge of inclusion in infant mainstream education : a self-study, action research approach
Author: Perselli, Victoria
ISNI:       0000 0001 3484 9270
Awarding Body: Kingston University
Current Institution: Kingston University
Date of Award: 2001
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This thesis represents a self study inquiry into my work as coordinator and individual support teacherf or speciale ducationaln eeds [SEN] in mainstreamin fant schoolingi n the south east of England, 1995-2000. It examines this role in terms of identity, action and meaning, with particular regard to the 'significant others' - those pupils with whom my work Is most directly concerned - and how I have striven to develop my practice towards their inclusion in this setting. I locatet he self studyw ithin a predominantlyp ostmodernu nderstandingo f time and space. I problematiset he conceptso f both SEN and inclusion,s ituatingt hese In historicala nd political relationsw ith traditionall iberalI ndividualisat nd present-daym arkete conomicd iscourses. The representationaflo rm used is narrativee nquiry - storiesw ithina story - but witha strong emphasiso n the metaphoricp ossibilitieso f visual Imagerya s a meanst owards` thinkingo therwise' and 'doing differently' in response to the dominant practices of SEN. These, I argue, tend towards objectifyinga nd commodifyingle arners;m oreovert heir manifestationa s technicalr ational responses to pupil problems serves to distract attention from the more vital Issue of restricted professionalityIn Infant education,i n particulart he loss of curriculara utonomyb y botht eachers and learners. Through the narration of my personal experiences and their reception by critical friends in a variety of settings, I seek to draw connections between the sell, the social and the poetical. I propose that the 'empty space', 'case story' and 'social stage' methods developed here offer powerful means towards an alternative pedagogy; one which seeks community and care for eel and others, valorisesm emory,I maginationa nd the desire of creativityi n teachinga nd learningb ut which, following Lather (1999), also reirarnes educational research as'a way of being at risk'.
Supervisor: Not available Sponsor: American Educational Research Association
Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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Keywords: Education