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Title: A study of the relevance of Friedrich Froebel to the Christian education of young children
Author: Lee, Sang-Wook
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Awarding Body: University of Surrey
Current Institution: University of Surrey
Date of Award: 1993
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In the educational thought of Friedrich Froebel we are confronted with a panoramic view of the universe of knowledge and experience. Motivated by a profound grasp of the Creator-creature relationship in Christian theology, Froebel was able to provide a radical, holistic view of the task of Christian education. For Froebel, one's relationship to nature was nothing less than a religious communion, a drawing close to the Creator. Froebel's conception of God is big, comprehensive and cosmic. All truth, all knowledge, all understanding, all reality is from God. Thus, in Froebel's educational theory, knowledge and truth have an inherently religious aspect. Humanity is made in the image of God, not to pursue its own ends, but to pursue a course of development according to the rules and laws of God. Education is not confined to just one compartment of human life: it must be free to address every part of the pupil's being, body, will, mind and spirit. Thus, education must span many subjects and embrace religion, science and art. The method of education must not be removed from real life but must engage the pupil at many levels of life and activity. Because education is such a holistic activity it cannot be dealt with in a compartment labelled 'school'. Parents are guardians of a sacred trust, responsible to God, to the child, and to all humanity. This is why Froebel placed such importance upon women. Upon women depends the welfare of the child, and thus the future welfare of the human race. Education is the process of coming to a knowledge of and love for this Triune Creator through His creation, via His holy institution of the family. He has laid a most valuable foundation for Christian educational theory: now, his shortcomings must be corrected and the insights of the intervening century must be added to his seminal work.
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Keywords: Education & training