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Title: British enterprise on the Niger 1830-1869.
Author: Ifemesia, C. Chieka
ISNI:       0000 0001 3586 1589
Awarding Body: King's College London (University of London)
Current Institution: Institute of Historical Research (University of London)
Date of Award: 1959
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From anoient to model"n times, Europeans had advanQed dlve~88 theories about the localIty o~ the Niger. In 1788, the African Association was fonled i1 Lond...onto invest trate tbis matter. SUbsequently, the Assooiation, and later the Bri t1sh Gove~1runent, dis,patohed uec eaed ve expeditions to the West Afrioan interior. At last, in 1830, Richard and John Lander discovered tha't the NiGor flowod i uto thci Gulf of Guinea. Almo.c immediately, ~t1sh 'l~ltimate' trad&rs began to opera.'te Oll th l'lv r. A.::ldthe Gover ant ere pereu.aded by Fowel1 :Bu..xtonand others to atop the slave trade flowing through it. The agonts ot both par"tiee met wi th the problems of naviga't1on and heal th, and w1th African oppcsi tion to the inv asion of the int erior. [ainly beoause of the high mortality among the Govemment agents in 1841-42, the Niger was Virtually abandoned for some time. on the resUJilption of aotivities in 1854, now vel', the first two probleMs wer6 re olved, but the thord remai.ned till long after the ;period ot this study. tieverthelesa, Maogregor Laird, th merohant ohiefly respon i le for ·thG renewal of ctivi ties, WSB granted 8 subsidy for further operation.. Through hi exertion. he showed tha.t trade on the river, it pro:perly organised, would pay. :aut he died before hi. plana were fully developed. Meanwhile, Dr. Da1lde, the leader of the political wing of Laird'. Tnture, had been preparing a framework for British enterprise in the hinterl8.l1d. In the prooess, he demonstrated that big Qountr,yoould be bu11t around the Niger by using the ancient tra e routes linking various oentres in the river basin. Ev81'tually, the Governmen.t deoided to maintain the •• ttlement he had founded at Lokoja, hi. ba8e. And they Ul,"ged on thair merohants to utiliz the tSQ111 t1e8 thus p:rov1d.~. A CollS\1l w8sapl'o1nt d to the Niger, b~t Atr10an antaaonie and ounting oosts led to hi. w:l. thdrawal. in 1869. This me au:re, hOl ver, onlY' marked the end ot one p haae of :British en't rp:r1se d the be 1nni ot another.
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