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Title: The concept of pathet in Central Javanese gamelan music
Author: Hastanto, S.
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Awarding Body: Durham University
Current Institution: Durham University
Date of Award: 1985
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Pathet, one of the most important elements of Central Javanese amelan music making, is a kind of 'musical quality' which is often related to the concept of mode in Western music. There are two kinds of tuning system operative in gamelan music, namely slendro and pelog. The Javanese distinguish three pathet in each system: pathet manyura, pathet sanga and pathet nem in slendro, and pathet lima, pathet nem and pathet barang in pelog. Some attempts at explaining the concept of pathet have been made by both Western and Indonesian theorists and indeed their theories have succeeded in identifying some characteristics of each pathet. The characteristics thus identified, however, are often too general or too specific and consequently are unable to predict the pathet of a given melody reliably. In exploring the concept of pathet, the present study gathers the materials of musical phenomena which are agreed by native musicians as being strong or even invariable in terms of impressions of pathet and constructs them into a theory. It introduces a method of analysis for Javanese gamelan music based on the structure of melodic sentences, phrases, and figures, taking into account contour, content, and context. The impressions of pathet are felt when a melody is being performed and in fact an impression of a particular pathet is established in the musicians' and listeners' minds by three interdependent aspects: contours, content and contexts of the melody constituents - melodic figures, phrases and sentences. Through the interlocking of these three aspects the process of establishment, further growth, consolidation and change of pathet in the musicians' minds and their performances are described
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