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Title: The artistic problems in 'Abd Al-Wahhab Al-Bayati's poetry : A comparative critical study
Author: Al-Allaq, A. J.
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Awarding Body: University of Exeter
Current Institution: University of Exeter
Date of Award: 1983
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Apart from the introduction, the conclusion and bibliography, this dissertation consists of five chapters as follows: Chapter One is devoted to the analysis and discussion of the rhythmical techniques used by al-Bayati. It discusses his tendency to prefer one specific metre to another, and how he uses ziQafs and 'illas in order to obtain the rhythm which fits his poem and subject. This chapter also deals with the rhymes in al-Bayati's poetry, their various types and functions. The discussion of tadwrr and its techniques occupies the last part of this chapter. Chapter Two deals with al-Bayat!'s poetic diction, its characteristics, sources and relation to the subjects with which he deals. The poetic image, its types, development and function are also discussed. Chapter Three is devoted to myth and symbol. It attempts to' interpret and analyse ·al-Bay~t~'s fondness for using myth and how this developed. In addition, this chapter deals with the main symbols used by the poet, their sources, meaning and function. Chapter Four analyses and discusses al-Bayati's techniques of using the mask, and an attempt is made to - " ~ - trace the source of these masks, whether traditional or modern, their function, and whether they are successful in conveying modern thoughts and preoccupations. In Chapter Five, an attempt has been made to explain the technique of alluding to other material or quoting from it. It discusses the different fields of these allusions and quotations, classical or modern, poetry or prose. This chapter deals with al-Bayati's tendency to imitate the structure of particular forms of writing or speaking such as, for example, the quatrain and the proverb. Each chapter has been provided with a short introduct ion and extracts from uther poets have been included whenever it seemed helpful to make the discussion clearer or more convincing.
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