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Title: Lipid binding and lipid-protein interaction in wheat flower dough.
Author: Carr, Neil Owen.
ISNI:       0000 0001 3521 1850
Awarding Body: University of Reading
Current Institution: University of Reading
Date of Award: 1991
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A study of lipid CClIplexirq in wheat floor ck:ujl has been made in an att:en¢ to explain the decrease in lipid extractability occurrin;J on dough developnent. '!be involvement of dough protein in this process has been assessa:i am new concepts have been evaluatai in the light of the known functionality of lipids in breadInakinI. PUblished W'Ork has irx:ticata:l that low IIDlecular \¥eight gluten proteins (ligolins) have a highly specific function in bin:ti.rg lipid. USl.rxJ similar fractionation methods to the plblished \¥Ork, it was possible to confirm this protein-lipid associaticn, although detergent cx:mtamination was d:JseIved followin;J the experimental procedure. It was sham that protein-lipid associaticn developed only in the preserx=e of detergent, whien led to a questionin;J of the pI'O{X)SeCi lipid bi.n::tin;J role of these low mlecular \¥eight proteins. It was also shown that the use of certain organic solvents can be unsatisfactory in the stlrly of protein-lipid interaction in dough. Fractionation by dilute acid provided evi~ that the 'baJnj' lipids of gluten were primarily in high mlecular \¥eight form, represented at least in part by a lip:JSaDal dispersion, whien were reasoned to be eri:e:tied within the gluten J'le'bvork in a oon-specific way. It was corcl.uled that interaction bet\¥een protein am such interactive lipid rmses ccW.d be responsible for the biniin:J of lipid durin;J dough develq:ment. Further sttnies are reported ~ the infll.lelDa of short:eni.n:J fat on lipid biniin;J. While there was sane in:lication that hard fat functionality was linked to an ability to maintain a critical pool of 'free' polar lipid, further work is required to investigate this early tentative CXl'd.usion. 'lhese stmies have been di srussed against a background of published WOrk, which has led to speculations al the nature and signifi~ of lipid b~ in the breadInakinI process. -
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Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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Keywords: Biochemistry