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Title: A phyletic analysis of viperine snakes.
Author: Groombridge, Brian Cecil.
ISNI:       0000 0001 3521 1279
Awarding Body: City of London Polytechnic
Current Institution: London Metropolitan University
Date of Award: 1980
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The interntion of the prese-r.t study is to invectirate the pro'tlem of clnG) stic reln ti or.shi ps amonc sl"a},es assigred to tr.e eut far.ti 1;1' Vi rerinae , usinr cl-.arnctere dra'.-«, from the internal and cxterl"al ar.ato!!\y of preeerved mu~euf.1 specimer.s , and of the methocoloF'Y knovm ns cla(U~ti c or ptyletic analysis . Intrccuctory sections outline methodoloGY , evidence for viperid mor.opr.yly , currer.t cor.cepts of relationships among viperid snakes , and eccreor,r::lrr.ical features of viperinee . All but two of the approximately 4.$ pecies of tJiperinae have been e:(.1lrJned. · .1.enever feasible bct\ .. een t",o and 15 specimens of e.'lcr.. ~recie::: h.:we l.ef'n examinerl. Features of cranial osteolofY ar.d myolory , vifccr.:1l anato~ , hemipenial morpholof.,y , and "'calation (inclurlinc J~rc~s arr.'ll"r,emcr.t of ~cnlcf and <'"cale t'urfnce microornn. mcnt) , have provided 55 ctnracters of potential cladistic sirnificance . Certain characters appear to be of significance thrm .. 1"001.;+ +1 € f:rcq:- , .... r.ereas otr.ere nre of les!'"e'r importance and arply within lineaees rl ed or. other evidence . t:uTeroue other features have proved impo~sible to interpret in a cladistic context . 1,0 evidence hDs emereed tha t Cal,sue: is closely related to other viperines , but the derived course of the facial carotid artery in the latter dirti n(".ulsh them as a monophyletic group (Viperinae sensu ~. tri.cto) . A.zemi OpS ':'lay be the sLter i'roup of ot.her vipers , ... :::i thin the 1£1 t.ter CaUSllS May be the siE:ter [rot::p of Crotalinae and Vi perinae . Four mjor mcnorhyletic linc3.ces can e proposed among Viperinae s.s. (1) The r;,ur.:lf:ian group (ViPera , fSE'udocerastes . ..... risticophis). (2) Lchjs - Ccrc:.rtes . (3) Pitis . 4) The Atheris £roup (arboreal Attcr'~ , the terre~trial forrr~ 'Atheris' h~ndii ar.d ' Atheri~' S\:";:oerc n j aris , .. ocncrhinos) . It has proved inpos~i le to arrive at a ~ingle hypothesis of the cladidic interrel.:ltions of these four l.'reares , but on balance , it appears more lilely that Echis - Cerastes are more closely related to the advanced African f orms Bitis and the Atheris group , in particular the latter, than to the Eurasian group.
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Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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Keywords: Zoology