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Title: The use of isotopic oxygen exchange to investigate carbon monoxide oxidation over supported gold catalysts
Author: Duggan, Michael J.
Awarding Body: Nottingham Trent University
Current Institution: Nottingham Trent University
Date of Award: 2003
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Until recently, gold was viewed as catalytically inert, due in large part to the noble character of bulk gold. However, when gold is finely dispersed on a suitable support, the material is often endowed with high catalytic ability for a number of reactions, most notably, CO oxidation at ambient conditions. In this thesis, isotopic oxygen exchange is used to probe the reactivity of surface oxygen, with a view to correlate these results with the CO oxidation results and better understand the surface processes governing CO oxidation. In this study, both MgO and Fe₂O₃ have been chosen as supports for gold. The first one is known to exchange oxygen well and Fe₂O₃ as a support is associated with high activity for CO oxidation at room temperature. Both sets of catalysts have been prepared by either co-precipitation or impregnation and pre-treated by calcining in air at 435°C, 800°C or left uncalcined, in addition they have both been tested for their ability to exchange oxygen and oxidize CO. Results suggest a strong influence of preparation technique and support type on isotopic oxygen exchange and CO oxidation. Comparison of exchange and oxidation data suggest oxidation occurs by a non-lattice pathway. Several experiments indicate this is augmented by oxidation from the lattice in some cases. All samples have been characterised by a range of techniques aimed at elucidating the nature of their surfaces, with the aim of correlating these data with sample isotopic exchange and CO oxidation performance. These techniques include; BET surface area determination, XPS, TPR, SEM and XRD.
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Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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Keywords: Iron oxide