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Title: Acute and chronic effects of cadmium on the adrenergic function of the rat.
Author: Fadloun, Z.
ISNI:       0000 0001 3456 1269
Awarding Body: University of Bradford
Current Institution: University of Bradford
Date of Award: 1981
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The results presented in this thesis show that Cd 2+ (0.5-40 ~M) inhibits the responses of the isolated superfused vas deferens, anococcygeus,renal vasculature and portal vein preparations of the rat to sympathetic nerve stimulation, noradrenaline (NA) , tyramine and potassium ions; the responses to sympathetic stimulation being the most sensitive to the inhibition whilst NA responses the least. The addition o f cyste~. ne (0 . 5m)M , or ~. ncrease d Ca 2+co.n centrat~0 on reduced the inhibitory effect of Cd 2 +, whilst low Ca 2 + Krebs increased the extent of the inhibition. Yohimbine (10-50 ng/ml) , selectively, antagonised the inhibitory effects of Cd 2 + on sympathetic nerve stimulation response o Of 0 2+ f w~thout mod~ y~ng Cd e fect on NA responses. Cd 2 + (5-25 ppm) feeding to normotensive rats for 4 weeks did not affect growth or daily water intake, but increased ~n a dose dependent manner the resting blood pressure and the heart rate. The responses, of pithed animals af.ter Cd 2 + pretreatment to stimulation of the sympathe o outflow were enhanced ~n Cd 2+ -pretreated rats, wh~0 1 st NA responses were unaffected and those to tyramine were reduced. Moreover, the responsive ness of isolated tissues to the test procedures (Kidney, portal vein, vas deferens and anococcygeus) removed from Cd 2+_ pretreated rats were enhanced. 2+ 6-0HDA administered at birth prevented these Cd (25 ppm)- induced increases in blood pressure and heart rate and also the enhanced responsiveness of isolated tissues. Cd2+ (1-100 ~M) in vitro ,inhibited the stimulation induced releaSE of NA and dopamine-B-hydroxylase (DBH) from the rat vas deferens. The NA and 2+ DBH contents of different tissues removed from Cd (25 ppm) chronically treated rats were significantly higher than those from untreated animals. Cd 2 + (11M) slightly inhibited the neuronal uptake of 3H- NA in the anococcygeus preparations; (Cd 2 + 100 ~M) increased the accumulation. It is concluded that Cd 2 + interferes with the adrenergic neuronal function by the inhibition of -SH groups and antagonism of Ca2 + mechanism
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Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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Keywords: Zoology