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Title: Performance of topological codes for quantum error correction
Author: Watson, Fern
ISNI:       0000 0004 5367 6741
Awarding Body: Imperial College London
Current Institution: Imperial College London
Date of Award: 2015
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In this thesis we present three main contributions to the field of topological quantum error correcting codes. We focus on some of the properties of such codes required for fault-tolerant quantum computation. Prior work has concentrated on determining error rate thresholds of particular models, but increasingly other parameters are gaining prominence. One of these is the overhead -- the quantity of a named resource required to achieve a desired level of performance from the code. We characterise the qubit overhead of the toric code in a fault-tolerant setting. These results provide a general framework for determining the overhead for other code constructions with more complicated noise models. Next we introduce a decoding algorithm, applicable to topological codes in a qudit architecture, specifically those where fault-tolerance is achieved through repeated syndrome measurements. It is computationally light and capable of decoding qudits of arbitrarily high dimension with negligible increase in its run time. The threshold of the decoder is limited by the percolation of the syndromes. Using local matching techniques we are able to overcome this limitation, increasing the threshold by almost a factor of two for high qudit dimensions. Finally, we turn our attention to a second family of topological quantum codes: the colour codes. In three and higher spatial dimensions such codes can support transversal non-Clifford gates. We show, using a technique that we call a star-bipartition of the vertices of the lattice, that any existing qubit colour code lattice can be used to define a qudit colour code. By generalising the notion of triorthogonal matrices we derive analogous transversality properties in the qudit codes.
Supervisor: Browne, Dan Sponsor: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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