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Title: Biomechanical adaptations of lower-limb amputee-gait : effects of the echelon hydraulically damped foot : segmental kinetic and kinematic responses to hydraulically damped prosthetic ankle-foot components in unilateral, trans-tibial amputees
Author: De Asha, Alan Richard
Awarding Body: University of Bradford
Current Institution: University of Bradford
Date of Award: 2013
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The aim of this thesis was to determine the biomechanical adaptations made by active unilateral trans-tibial amputees when they used a prosthesis incorporating a hydraulically-damped, articulating ankle-foot device compared to non-hydraulically attached devices. Kinematic and kinetic data were recorded while participants ambulated over a flat and level surface at their customary walking speeds and at speeds they perceived to be faster and slower using the hydraulic device and their habitual foot. Use of the hydraulic device resulted in increases in self-selected walking speeds with a simultaneous reduction in intact-limb work per meter travelled. Use of the device also attenuated inappropriate fluctuations in the centre-of-pressure trajectory beneath the prosthetic foot and facilitated increased residual-knee loading-response flexion and prosthetic-limb load bearing during stance. These changes occurred despite the hydraulic device absorbing more, and returning less, energy than the participants’ habitual ankle-foot devices. The changes were present across all walking speeds but were greatest at customary walking speeds. The findings suggest that a hydraulic ankle-foot device has mechanical benefits, during overground gait, for active unilateral trans-tibial amputees compared to other attachment methods. The findings also highlight that prosthetic ankle-foot device ‘performance’ can be evaluated using surrogate measures and without modelling an ‘ankle joint’ on the prosthetic limb.
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Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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Keywords: Biomechanics, Kinetics, Kinematics, Gait, Unilateral trans-tibial amputee, Prosthesis, Hydraulic ankle-foot device