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Title: Representation theory of Khovanov-Lauda-Rouquier algebras
Author: Speyer, Liron
ISNI:       0000 0004 5360 7316
Awarding Body: Queen Mary, University of London
Current Institution: Queen Mary, University of London
Date of Award: 2015
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This thesis concerns representation theory of the symmetric groups and related algebras. In recent years, the study of the “quiver Hecke algebras”, constructed independently by Khovanov and Lauda and by Rouquier, has become extremely popular. In this thesis, our motivation for studying these graded algebras largely stems from a result of Brundan and Kleshchev – they proved that (over a field) the KLR algebras have cyclotomic quotients which are isomorphic to the Ariki–Koike algebras, which generalise the Hecke algebras of type A, and thus the group algebras of the symmetric groups. This has allowed the study of the graded representation theory of these algebras. In particular, the Specht modules for the Ariki–Koike algebras can be graded; in this thesis we investigate graded Specht modules in the KLR setting. First, we conduct a lengthy investigation of the (graded) homomorphism spaces between Specht modules. We generalise the rowand column removal results of Lyle and Mathas, producing graded analogues which apply to KLR algebras of arbitrary level. These results are obtained by studying a class of homomorphisms we call dominated. Our study provides us with a new result regarding the indecomposability of Specht modules for the Ariki–Koike algebras. Next, we use homomorphisms to produce some decomposability results pertaining to the Hecke algebra of type A in quantum characteristic two. In the remainder of the thesis, we use homogeneous homomorphisms to study some graded decomposition numbers for the Hecke algebra of type A. We investigate graded decomposition numbers for Specht modules corresponding to two-part partitions. Our investigation also leads to the discovery of some exact sequences of homomorphisms between Specht modules.
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Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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Keywords: Mathematics ; Algebra ; Khovanov-Lauda-Rouqier algebras ; Quiver Hecke algebras