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Title: Proton radioactivity measurements using a double-sided silicon strip detector
Author: Sellin, Paul Jonathan
Awarding Body: University of Edinburgh
Current Institution: University of Edinburgh
Date of Award: 1992
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Proton radioactivity measurements have been carried out using a new double-sided silicon strip detector. Highly proton rich fusion-evaporation reaction products are velocity and mass separated using the Daresbury recoil separator before being implanted into the strip detector located at the separator's focal plane. The strip detector records the energy and position of charged particles emitted from the implanted residues, allowing the identification of very low cross section decay events with microsecond half-lives. The double-sided silicon strip detector contains 48 strips on each face, orthogonally crossed to provide x,y position information with a strip pitch of ±335 μm. This first use of such a detector has used new high density microelectronics to instrument up to 120 channels of data. A commissioning experiment was carried out using the reaction 58Ni + 54Fe→112Xe* which successfully tested the performance of the detection system by observing proton emission from 109I. The subsequent production experiment investigated proton radioactivity from nuclei around 147Tm and 151Lu, produced using the reactions 58Ni + 92Mo→150Yb* and 58Ni + 96Ru→154Hf*. The first unambiguous identification of the proton emitter 150Lu is reported, with a measured half-life of 30 ± 5 ms. An additional four proton transition half-lives have been re-measured with substantially improved accuracies, and explicit mass assignments are made for the first time for the proton transitions from ^151Lu, ^147mTm and ^109I. In addition a new proton transition has been observed with an energy of 947 ± 5 MeV and a half-life of 5 ± 3 ms, which is tentatively assigned to the decay of an isomeric state in ^147Tm.
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Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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