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Title: Male primary caregivers in the UK : an exploratory study of the care work performed by British fathers
Author: Dimmock, Alexandra
ISNI:       0000 0004 5356 5240
Awarding Body: University of Bristol
Current Institution: University of Bristol
Date of Award: 2014
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This thesis presents an account of the experiences and practices of a group of primary caregiving fathers in the UK. It fills a gap in the academic literature on fatherhood in relation to an under-researched yet apparently increasing group of men. Drawing on descriptions of their engagement in paid work, housework and childcare practices, and engagement in the public sphere, this thesis argues that the practices of primary caregiving fathers across these three areas are indicative of shifts in ideas about , and experiences of, contemporary fathering. These primary caregiving fathers are not necessarily disengaged from the labour market although economic provisioning is not central to their conception of good fatherhood. They also take on full responsibility . for childcare and its management, in contrast to previous accounts which suggested that even in 'role reversal ' situations mothers continue to take the lead. The public arena is a more difficult space to negotiate with fathers developing a range of responses to navigate female-dominated situations. Finally, it is suggested that the total social organisation of labour (TSOL) framework is helpful for providing a more integrated approach to evaluating fathers' care and work routines. These encompass paid employment, volunteering, childcare, and networking at fathers' groups and cannot be readily classified as either work or leisure.
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Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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