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Title: Tectonic-sedimentary evolution of the Cenozoic Hatay Graben, South Central Turkey
Author: Boulton, Sarah J.
Awarding Body: University of Edinburgh
Current Institution: University of Edinburgh
Date of Award: 2006
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The Mediterranean region is important for understanding the processes of diachronous continental collision. The Hatay Graben, Turkey, is located near the Bitlis suture zone, the Misis-Andirm Lineament, the Dead Sea Fault Zone, the East Anatolian Fault Zone and the Cyprus Arc. Fieldwork focused on the Palaeogene to Quaternary geology of the Hatay Graben and lead to a new two-stage tectonic model of a foreland basin that was dissected into a transtensional graben, a result of the westward tectonic escape of Anatolia. The orientation of the graben was probably influenced by pre-existing zones of crustal weakness related to the Early Mesozoic rifting of Neotethys. Normal faults are common in all formations and areas, but strike-slip faults are mainly observed within the Plio-­Quaternary fill of the graben. Three main trends of fault strike are observed within the Hatay Graben (NW-SE, N-S, NE-SW); these appear to have been active synchronously, suggesting an overall transtensional setting. During the Miocene the basin developed in the distal (southerly) part of a foreland basin of the Tauride allochthon, represented by the Misis-Andinn Mountains to the N. Crustal loading initially triggered the development of a flexural bulge to the south and normal faulting within the foreland basin. During the Plio-Quaternary; however, a pronounced topographic, fault-controlled, graben developed. The formation of this Hatay Graben senso stricto is inferred to have been influenced by the westward tectonic escape of Anatolia along the East Anatolia Fault Zone and left-lateral offset along the northward extension of the Dead Sea Transform Fault. The Hatay Graben is located at the interface between a zone of continental collision in the east and a pre-collisional area to the west, a setting that played a key role in its Plio-Quaternary development.
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