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Title: Genetic and molecular analysis of deletions at the brown locus on murine chromosome 4
Author: Bell, Julia A.
Awarding Body: University of Edinburgh
Current Institution: University of Edinburgh
Date of Award: 1994
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The principal aim of this project was to characterise developmentally important genes located close to the brown gene, using both molecular and genetic techniques. Seven mice with radiation induced mutations at the brown locus were received from B. Cattanach. The phenotype of mice homozygous for one of these deletions, b57H, revealed the presence of a brown associated fitness of baf gene. These mice were much smaller than their littermates and frequently died soon after birth. Those that did survive were subfertile and commonly had litters of only one or two mice. The baf gene was identified concurrently by E.M. Rinchik in compound heterozygote mice with combinations of different deletions. All viable mice with compound deletions exhibited the baf phenotype indicating the baf gene was situated relatively close to brown. A collaboration with E.M. Rinchik enabled hybrid DNA from 25 of the deletions to be obtained, in which the deleted Mus musculus chromosome was heterozygous with a Mus spretus chromosome. The presence or absence of markers in different deletions can be detected by virtue of polymorphisms between the two species. This enabled microsatellite markers and microdissection clones to be mapped to the region and to further classify deletions within a particular complementation group. PCR primers from the microdissection clones which mapped closest to the brown gene, as well as primers from the brown gene itself, were used to screen two YAC libraries. Eighteen YACs were isolated and will be used to generate a YAC contig of the region which contains the baf gene. This work has improved the physical map at this locus and will allow the isolation of a YAC contig and ultimately the baf gene itself.
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Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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