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Title: Oceanographic studies of the Aegean Sea
Author: Sultan, S. A.-R.
Awarding Body: University College of Swansea
Current Institution: Swansea University
Date of Award: 1981
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During October/November 1978, oceanographic observations were made on the 7/78 Cruise of the R.R.S. "Shackleton" in the N.W. Aegean Sea. The study area is located within 22°30' to 24°30'E of longitude and from 39°15' to 40°25'N of latitude. Data were collected using STD probe, NIO bottles, expendable bathythermographs and surface continuous records of salinity and temperature using a thermosalinograph. The circulation and water masses in the N.W. Aegean Sea are studied in terms of vertical sections of the horizontal distribution of water properties, individual station curves T/S, S/D and T/D, geostrophic speeds and dynamic topography. Isopycnic analyses using relative salinity are made for subsurface water layers. Two main features are observed in the surface waters; these are: (a) A mixed layer of characteristics; depths 15-55m, densities 27.4-28.6 gm/cm, salinities 37.4-38.7°/oo, and temperatures 15.5-17.2°C. (b) A temperature inversion layer of characteristics; depths 35-90m, densities 27.7-28.8 gm/cm, and temperatures 16.3-18.0°C. In the water usually deeper than 75m, three water masses are recognized: (1) Intermediate water characterized by maximum salinity 38.95°/oo, temperatures 16.30-15°C and densities 28.5-29.0 gm/cm. It is present at depths between 75 and 200m. (2) Deep water present at core depth about 350m and is characterized by salinity maximum 38.92°/oo, temperature 14.00°C and density 29.2 gm/cm. (3) Bottom water present deeper than 400m and is characterized by a well-mixed layer of salinity 38.87°/oo, temperature 13.39°C and density 29.32 gm/cm. The horizontal circulation is dominated by a central cyclonic gyre, an intrustion of high salinity water at the east and southeast, and coastal currents associated with freshwater discharge from nearby rivers.
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Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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