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Title: The sedimentology of the lower Trias, Western Alps
Author: Richards, M. T.
Awarding Body: University College of Swansea
Current Institution: Swansea University
Date of Award: 1983
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The lower Trias succession forms a laterally persistent clastic unit over much of the Western Alps. In the external zones of the Alpine chain it overlies Carboniferous and Permian cover sediments and oversteps onto Hercynian metamorphic basement massifs. The succession comprises a Lower Quartzite Formation of conglomerates and sandstones, transitionally overlain by a Red Bed Formation dominated by siltstones and mudstones. The lower part of the quartz-arenite developed in response to a marine transgression involving the landward migration of beach and shoreface environments with the eventual stabilization of a tidal shelf in areas between basement massifs. The upper part of the quartz arenite and overlying red-beds reflect deposition by prograding mesotidal barrier islands backed by extensive tidal flats. Additional complexity is introduced by topography on the unconformity surface. Where the quartz-arenite oversteps onto basement, thicknesses are drastically reduced and certain facies associations are no longer preserved. The lower Trias succession of Barles (Alpes de Haute Provence) developed initially in response to the transgression of a mactotidal-estuary complex. Later stages of early Trias deposition are recorded by the progradation of a tidal channel shoal and tidal flat system. Limited studies of the lower Trias of the Maures-Esterel-Tanneron massifs suggests that early Trias deposition across the massif chain was largely dominated by continental alluvial environments. An analysis of lower Trias sediments of Alpes Maritimes and localities isolated from the main study area suggests that the early Trias shallow marine basin conformed to a NW-SE trending gulf, bounded to the east and south-east by the Argentera massif, to the west and south-west by the Massif Central and Maures-Esterel-Tanneron Massifs, and to the north by Barles.
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