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Title: Norwegian orthopyroxene eclogites : petrogenesis and implications for metasomatism and crust-mantle interactions during subduction of continental crust
Author: Quas-Cohen, Alexandra Catherine
ISNI:       0000 0004 5359 5087
Awarding Body: University of Manchester
Current Institution: University of Manchester
Date of Award: 2014
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This study investigates the ultrahigh pressure (UHP) metamorphic and metasomatic processes involved in the transient subduction-exhumation of continental crust to over 100km depths during a collisional orogeny and the implications for the evolution of the continental crust and crust-mantle interaction at depth. The study focuses on garnet websterites (orthopyroxene eclogites) and zoned, clinopyroxenite-garnetite veining features present in a range of eclogite-facies, crustal metamafic-ultramafic bodies hosted within the Western Gneiss Region (WGR), western Norway. The structural occurrences and textures of some of these crustal garnet websterites are seemingly unique to the WGR but little research has focused on their origin or from a metasomatic perspective. Based on field and petrographic observations, a metasomatic origin is attributed to vein-associated garnet websterites at Kolmannskog, Myrbærneset and Svartberget. A metamorphic origin is attributed to body domains at Nybø, Kolmannskog, Båtneset and Myrbærneset and a combined metamorphic-metasomatic origin is attributed to garnet websterite body domains at Årsheimneset and Remøysunde and inferred at Grytting and Eiksunddal. UHP P-T conditions are obtained from garnet websterites of ~3.7GPa, 740°C at Nybø, ~3.1GPa, 670°C at Grytting, ~3.5GPa, 700°C at Årsheimneset, ~3.6GPa, 815°C at Remøysunde, ~3.0GPa, 750°C at Kolmannskog and ~3.85GPa, 790°C at Svartberget. On this basis, it is proposed the Nordøyane UHP domain be extended eastwards to incorporate the Kolmannskog locality which lies outside its currently defined boundary. Constructed P-T paths suggest the northern Nordøyane UHP domain experienced ~100°C higher temperatures than the southern Nordfjord-Stadlandet UHP domain but experienced similar pressures implying a lower regional P-T gradient than previously established. P-T paths also suggest UHP, vein-forming metasomatism occurred prior to peak temperatures. U-Pb isotopic dating of zircon and monazites in garnetite vein cores dates UHP metasomatism at 414±5.6Ma at Årsheimneset and 410±2.6Ma at Svartberget. The fluid responsible for UHP metasomatism is considered to be a Si-Al-K-H2O-rich supercritical liquid produced in the surrounding country rock associated with the breakdown of phengite with a Na-LILE-LREE-HFSE-P enrichment signature. The major element composition of the fluid added to the Svartberget body is calculated to be 48-60% SiO¬2, 17-27% Al2O3, 3-11% K2O, <10% MgO, CaO and FeO, 3-6% Na2O, <4% P2O5¬, <1% TiO2 and MnO with an overall, undersaturated-saturated sialic, syenitic character hybridised through interaction with the garnet peridotite body margins. The continental fluid-mafic-ultramafic rock systems studied imply a zoned metasomatic unit forms at the interface between subducted continental crust and above mantle wedge at depths of ≥120-130km and along any fluid pathways penetrating into the mantle transferring abundant alkalis, water and trace elements into the mantle. Fluid-mantle interaction is proposed to form abundant biotite and amphibole and zones of garnet websterite, biotite websterite and biotite clinopyroxenite with lenses of eclogite and/or accessory phase (rutile, zircon, monazite, apatite, xenotime)-rich garnetite ±glimmerite selvages where residual fluids accumulate. Subcontinental mantle metasomatism may be associated with UHP, supercritical liquids derived from subducted, eclogite-facies, continental crust rather than oceanic crust as the continental crust is a greater source of the Si, alkalis, trace elements and water which characterise mantle metasomatism.
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Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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Keywords: ultrahigh pressure metamorphism ; metasomatism ; Western Gneiss Region