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Title: An electrostatic ion trap for laser and nuclear spectroscopy at the IGISOL
Author: Johnson, Duncan James Stewart
Awarding Body: University of Manchester
Current Institution: University of Manchester
Date of Award: 2013
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This thesis presents the theoretical modelling and commissioning of the laser station at the newly constructed IGISOL 4 facility. The experimental techniques and apparatus of the facility, focusing on a line dedicated to laser spectroscopy, are described, followed by details on simulations of the beam-line. First spectroscopic data has been acquired at IGISOL 4. The isotope shifts and hyperfine structure of stable and radioactive molybdenum isotopes were acquired using collinear laser spectroscopy. The spectroscopy of this element was chosen in order to compare the results with those previously acquired at IGISOL 3. The isotope shifts and hyperfine dipole constants calculated were found to agree and the hyperfine structure of the 4d4(5D)5s 6D1/2 to 4d4(5D)5p 6F1/2 transition in 107Mo has been observed for the first time. A new electrostatic ion trap (ConeTrap) has been designed for trapping and optical pumping of ions in high vacuum using realistic ion optical simulations. The ConeTrap has been designed with an extended central section in order to facilitate the optical pumping of contained ions. The trap uses asymmetric voltages to achieve greater extraction efficiency and an acceptance time of ~10 us. Fast high-voltage switching circuitry has been created, with fall and rise times of <240 ns and <700 ns respectively, for dynamic trapping of ion bunches. The IGISOL ConeTrap has been designed and built for axial and radial optical pumping, however several other possible applications are also presented. These applications, to be deployed at the IGISOL 4, include using the ConeTrap as a potential energy elevator, a "high-density'' ConeTrap for two-photon spectroscopy, a "dual-stability'' ConeTrap that can provide pure, doubly-ionised bunches, a ConeTrap designed for radiation detection for spectroscopy and lifetime measurements and a combination of the ConeTrap and the current IGISOL light collection region for collinear laser spectroscopy of trapped ions.
Supervisor: Campbell, Paul Sponsor: Not available
Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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Keywords: ConeTrap ; nuclear ; spectroscopy ; igisol