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Title: R.H. Tawney as a Christian social moralist
Author: Atherton, J. R.
Awarding Body: University of Manchester
Current Institution: University of Manchester
Date of Award: 1979
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The thesis is a study of R.E. Tawney as a Christian social moralist in his encounter with a modern industrial society. It is divided into three basic parts - what conditioned him, what he was in terms of his theory, and what he did in society. The first part, chapters 1-3, consists of an examination of the contextual forces which contributed to the shaping of a Christian social moralist. The first two chapters identify the key factors which conditioned his response to industrial society. The third chapter recognises the importance of his social and intellectual tradition, and of industry, as dominant parts of his context. In each of these chapters, careful note is made of the key features in his contribution to society as a Christian social moralist. The second part, chapters 4-6, is an enquiry into the theory which undergirded his involvement in society. The fourth chapter examines the nature of his ideology, and his Christian social theory in relation to Christian humanism. The fifth chapter Interprets his view of the Church as a way of life and as an organisation. later exposition of the influence, particularly reactive, of the persistence of capitalism, leads, in the sixth chapter, to a description and evaluation of the key tools he developed as part of his response to the contemporary social order. These vary from an outline proposal for a research and development function in Christian social ethics, to an examination of the nature and contribution of principles to Christian involvement in industrial society. In the third part of the thesis, chapters 7-9, three key areas are selected in order to examine in detail the Christian social moralist, equipped with such a theory, at Work in particular issues. Since the range of Tawney's scholarship and involvement in society was so vast, the choice was made of democracy (chapter 7), the Labour movement(chapter 8), and Industrial (chapter 9). This third part of the thesis is of especial importance,because Tawney's distinctive interpretation of Christian social morality was integrally round up with its implementation in the particulars of an industrial society.
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