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Title: On the prescribed mean curvature problem on the standard n-dimensional ball
Author: Sharaf, Khadijah Abdullah Mohammed
Awarding Body: University of Leicester
Current Institution: University of Leicester
Date of Award: 2013
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In this thesis, we consider the problem of existence of conformal scalar flat metric with prescribed boundary mean curvature on the standard n-dimensional ball. Let B[superscript n] be the unit ball in R[superscript n], n ≥ 3, with Euclidean metric g[subscript 0]. Its boundary will be denoted by S[superscript n-1] and will be endowed with the standard metric still denoted by g[subscript 0]. Let H : S[superscript n-1] → R be a given function, we study the problem of finding a conformal metric g = u 4/n-2 g[subscript 0] such that R[subscript g] = 0 in B[superscript n] and h[subscript g] = H on S[superscript n-1]. Here R[subscript g] is the scalar curvature of the metric g in B[superscript n] and h[subscript g] is the mean curvature of g on S[superscript n-1]. This problem is equivalent to solving the following nonlinear boundary value equation: (see PDF for equation) where v is the outward unit vector with respect to the metric g[subscript 0]. In general there are several difficulties in facing this problem by means of variational methods. Indeed, in virtue of the non-compactness of the embedding H[superscript 1](B[superscript n]) → L 2(n-1)/n-2 (∂B[superscript n]), the Euler-Lagrange functional J associated to the problem, does not satisfy the Palais-Smale condition, and that leads to the failure of the standard critical point theory. One part of this thesis deals with the case where H is a Morse function satisfying a non degeneracy condition. Using an algebraic topological method and the tools of the theory of the critical points at infinity, we provide a variety of classes of functions that can be realized as the mean curvature on the boundary of the the n-dimensional balls. The other part deals with the case where the non degeneracy condition is not satisfied and replaced by the so called β-flatness condition. In this case, we give precise estimates on the losses of the compactness and we identify the critical points at infinity of the variational problem. Then, we establish under generic boundary condition a Morse inequalities at infinity, which give a lower bound on the number of solutions to the above problem.
Supervisor: Neumann, Frank Sponsor: Not available
Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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