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Title: The design and development of a novel training system for cricket
Author: Justham, Laura M.
Awarding Body: Loughborough University
Current Institution: Loughborough University
Date of Award: 2007
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Cricket is an established and traditional sport which is played in almost 100 countries worldwide. Within the domain of cricket, ball launching machines are used in a training environment to help batsmen develop new techniques, work on areas of weakness and face a high intensity of deliveries without the need for a real bowler. A need has been recognised by coaches at the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) for an advanced training system which incorporates the unique requirements of cricket bowling to include a fully programmable bowling machine which is capable of recreating any common bowling delivery and which is synchronised with an accurate bowler representation. A number of ball launching devices are currently available for sports training which provide a simple means of bowling, pitching or throwing a ball to a batsman or fielder. As technology progresses so too does the development of this equipment to produce more realistic training conditions. However much of this development has occurred within the domain of baseball and cannot easily be transferred into cricket. The research within this thesis is focused upon the development of a cricket specific training system. The requirements of the system have been developed using the House of Quality (HoQ) planning matrix following interviews and discussion forums with the system stakeholders. The focus of the current research has been the design and development of a bowling machine which is felt to be the key aspect of a training system which fulfils the need identified by the ECB coaching staff. The machine which has been developed is controlled using a computer based user interface (UI) and has the potential to recreate any bowling delivery with an accurate ball seam orientation and spin direction. This includes correctly oriented rifle spin which is necessary for spin bowling deliveries and which is not possible using any currently available machine technologies. Comparison testing has been carried out between the prototype machine, competitor machines and elite level spin bowlers. This has shown that the The Design and Development of a Novel Training System for Cricket prototype machine is capable of delivering the ball with similar speed and spin characteristics when compared to real bowlers and as such it outperforms existing technologies. In addition to the development of the machine, methods of representing a bowler have also been considered. The bowler representation application has been identified as a form of Augmented Reality where the real cricket bowling machine and a virtual bowler must be synchronised to deliver the ball simultaneously. A review of current technologies has been undertaken and is has been concluded from this investigation that the bowler representation should take the form of a display which is projected using a front projector with an image brightness in excess of 4000 lumens to ensure image clarity over the cricket wicket. In addition the screen used to project the image should be sharp over a narrow angle and robust for the harsh training environment, therefore a specular or fibreglass screen is required. Keywords Cricket, Bowling, Performance Analysis, Training Equipment, System Design, Machine Design,.
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Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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