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Title: Elements of design that affect aesthetic evaluation
Author: Jansson, Cathrine.
Awarding Body: London Metropolitan University
Current Institution: London Metropolitan University
Date of Award: 2004
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Point-of-Purchas(eP OP)d isplaysa ree ffectivet ools for increasings aleso f a product. However,C onsumePr sychologya nd marketingli terature containsli ttle theoretical developmenitn the areao f POP-displaysa ndi ts communicativee ffects.C onsequently the aim of this thesisw ast o exploret he phenomenono f POP-displaysw ith the objective of providing a foundation for a conceptual framework that shows how humansr espondt o ande valuatec ertaini n-stores timuli. The sort of questionsaddressedb y this researchre fers in particulart o how elementso f designa ffect aesthetice valuationso f POP-displaysa ndh ow this in turn may affect dwell time, productc ontacta ndp urchasep robability. The influenceo f designe lementsu pon aesthetice valuationi s of particulari nterest to designersa sr esearchh ass hownt hat peoplen o longerb uy productsf or their functionality but for their physical attributes which make the product meaningful. The outcomeo f the studiesc onducteds, howedt hat designe lementss ucha s colour ands hapec an be usedt o capturec onsumersa' ttentiona ndb e usedt o construct perceptuacl onceptss ucha s 'complexity'a nd' clarity', which in turn affectst he overall visual evaluation of a display. It was also found that design principles such as unity andf ocal point canb e utilised to increaseth e overalla esthetice valuation.M oreover aesthetice valuationw as foundt o be affectedb y hapticp ropertiesa sw ell as visual evaluation.D ependingo n the texturesu sedt he overall aesthetice valuationi s sometimesm ore influencedb y hapticp ropertiest han visual evaluation. Furthermoreit was foundt hat dwell time canb e influencedb y whethert he display is perceivedt o be 'mysterious','c omplex'o r'interesting, as well ast he texturesu sed on a product.
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Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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