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Title: Special metric structures and closed forms
Author: Witt, Frederik
Awarding Body: University of Oxford
Current Institution: University of Oxford
Date of Award: 2005
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In recent work, N. Hitchin described special geometries in terms of a variational problem for closed generic $p$-forms. In particular, he introduced on 8-manifolds the notion of an integrable $PSU(3)$-structure which is defined by a closed and co-closed 3-form. In this thesis, we first investigate this $PSU(3)$-geometry further. We give necessary conditions for the existence of a topological $PSU(3)$-structure (that is, a reduction of the structure group to $PSU(3)$ acting through its adjoint representation). We derive various obstructions for the existence of a topological reduction to $PSU(3)$. For compact manifolds, we also find sufficient conditions if the $PSU(3)$-structure lifts to an $SU(3)$-structure. We find non-trivial, (compact) examples of integrable $PSU(3)$-structures. Moreover, we give a Riemannian characterisation of topological $PSU(3)$-structures through an invariant spinor valued 1-form and show that the $PSU(3)$-structure is integrable if and only if the spinor valued 1-form is harmonic with respect to the twisted Dirac operator. Secondly, we define new generalisations of integrable $G_2$- and $Spin(7)$-manifolds which can be transformed by the action of both diffeomorphisms and 2-forms. These are defined by special closed even or odd forms. Contraction on the vector bundle $Toplus T^*$ defines an inner product of signature $(n,n)$, and even or odd forms can then be naturally interpreted as spinors for a spin structure on $Toplus T^*$. As such, the special forms we consider induce reductions from $Spin(7,7)$ or $Spin(8,8)$ to a stabiliser subgroup conjugate to $G_2 times G_2$ or $Spin(7) times Spin(7)$. They also induce a natural Riemannian metric for which we can choose a spin structure. Again we state necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of such a reduction by means of spinors for a spin structure on $T$. We classify topological $G_2 times G_2$-structures up to vertical homotopy. Forms stabilised by $G_2 times G_2$ are generic and an integrable structure arises as the critical point of a generalised variational principle. We prove that the integrability conditions on forms imply the existence of two linear metric connections whose torsion is skew, closed and adds to 0. In particular we show these integrability conditions to be equivalent to the supersymmetry equations on spinors in supergravity theory of type IIA/B with NS-NS background fields. We explicitly determine the Ricci-tensor and show that over compact manifolds, only trivial solutions exist. Using the variational approach we derive weaker integrability conditions analogous to weak holonomy $G_2$. Examples of generalised $G_2$- and $Spin(7)$ structures are constructed by the device of T-duality.
Supervisor: Hitchin, Nigel Sponsor: Not available
Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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Keywords: Mathematics ; Differential geometry ; special metrics ; skew-torsion ; generalised geometry ; sugra compactifications