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Title: Al-Tahrir fi Sharh al-Faz al-Tanbih by al-Nawawi
Author: Al-Zouebi, Abdullah
ISNI:       0000 0001 3409 5835
Awarding Body: University of Glasgow
Current Institution: University of Glasgow
Date of Award: 1999
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One of my greatest hopes, after I had finished my M.A was to visit the British Library in London, in particular the section on oriental manuscripts. I soon fulfilled this desire and following the examination of the index of the manuscripts, I hoped to find one on the Language of al-Fiqh [Language of Jurisprudence] in particular. I found a manuscript by aI-Imam al-Nawawi which was amongst many others also belonging to him. This manuscript was entitled al-Tah• rlr fi Sharh • al-Ffiz al-Tan blh , which provides detailed explanations of the terms found in • al-Tanblh by aI-Shirazi that required further interpretation, mainly from a linguistic and occasionally from a religious side. Qadi Safad, an eminent • • scholar, stated that " the book of al-Tahrlr is of great benefit and of . - widespread use for every knowledge seeker" (DIQ, p. 91). The status of al- Tahrlr, was due to its focus on the language of al-Fiqh, taking into account the - vanous linguistical aspects too. Occasionally, religious meanings are also provided. Al-Tahrlr explains the uncommon terms that were present in al-Tanblh by al- I ShirazI. Al-Tanblh is considered to be one of the main and most important works ever to be compiled in the Shafi'i Jurisprudence School in the fourth century AH. Therefore, many scholars, including al-Nawawi went on to compile books regarding it, explaining, commenting, criticising and sUlrunanzmg it. AI-Tahrir is amongst one of these. As scholars in the early • centuries compiled books in Gharib al-Lughah, Gharib al-Hadith and Gharib A _'. al-Quran, they also compiled books in Gharib al-Fiqh, one of which is the book that I have edited. Al-Nawawi, an accomplished scholar and author, attained a hig-h status in the oriental libraries and studies. ir was amon-gst m-any of his distinguished works, which were a site of attraction for many researchers. Al-Nawawi in al- Ta~rir referred to many linguistics books, which were wellknown and available at his time, such as Kiti1b al- 'A.y n b-y aI-Khalil,- al- Tahdhib and al-Zi1hir by al-Azhari, al-Muhkam by Ibn Sidah and many others. In the editing of al-Ta~rir. I compared nine different manuscripts, all from different places and made the Berlin manuscript the main one, comparing the remammg eight with it. The Berlin manuscript is symbolized by (I). The differences in the manuscripts are noted at the bottom of each page (foot note). In authenticating and documenting al-Nawawl's explanations, I referred to the notable dictionaries and sources that al-Nawawi himself also referred to. I also made reference to the books of al-Gharib (uncommon words)~ Ghar'ib al- Lughah. Gharfb al-Quri1n. Gharib al-ljadith. Mi1 TaltlGnu Ffhi al- 'Ammah, history, biographies and others. Where necessary, I have commented on these explanations and these can be found following the text, in volume two in the chapter entitled 'al-Takhnjat wa al-Ta'liqat 'ala al-Nas.' Following this is a list of indexes; tenns, names, places, measurements, Quranic and Hadith verses . • I have dedicated a chapter to the language of al-Fiqh, its origin, how it has emerged, its chronological history and books compiled in this field. I also dedicated a chapter to the political and educational situation in al-Nawawi's era followed by a chapter on the life of al-Nawawi, his milieu and his works. I have given the editorial method followed by the description of the nine manuscripts. I have provided a summarized comparison between the works of al-Nawawi in al-Tahrfr and of al-Azhan in al-Zahir. I shed light on the • educational background of both authors, their subject topic, al-Azhan's impact on al-Nawawi, the methodology of the works of both scholars, similarities and differences, conclusion and an evaluation. I have assigned a chapter for the biography of the names mentioned in al-Ta~rfr followed by a bibliography.
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